Enterprise Prospects

 RONGKUANG has highly Vertical Integrated manufacturing capabilities. We have remarkable technical foundation in product design, module design, and component producing and assembly process. Based on our outstanding R&D capabilities, RONGKUANG is able to develop new products that meet market demand and seize the best profitable opportunities.

  RONGKUANG'S excellent production quality has always dominated the industry. With more than 25 years experiences and professions, our team has established stable and flowing communication channel with customers. Our manufacturing base in DongGuang has completed and reliable supply chain which provides our customers post-order production service, customized production service, and consistent integration service. Whether the R&D, design, mass production, finished goods, or shipping, all production processes are under our consistent system that is sufficient and effective.

  Furthermore, the manufacturing base in DongGuang passed the ISO 9001 International Quality Certificate. RONGKUANG always precisely overlook the manufacturing system and execute lead-free production process to meet RoHS standard. Due to above factors, RONGKUANG offers customers stable and efficient production services.